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Changes in boiler drum water level gauge over time operation

2024-01-22 15:46

Causes and prevention of damage accidents to economizers in boiler water level gauges

(1) The water level drops abnormally underground, and the water supply increases significantly, which is greater than the steam volume. The inlet water pressure of the economizer decreases;

(2) The exhaust temperature decreases, and the water temperature of the economizer increases;

(3) There is abnormal sound near the economizer;

(4) Steam, moisture, and even water seep from the lower ash hopper and furnace wall of the economizer.

Handling of Damage Accidents in Economizers 1. For Boiling Economizers

1) Strengthen boiler feedwater and maintain normal water level;

2) Reduce combustion, quickly reduce load, contact the steam department, and prepare for shutdown maintenance;

3) Close all drain valves of the boiler and prohibit opening the recirculation valve between the drum and the economizer;

4) Pay attention to the increase and control of smoke temperature at the inlet of the induced draft fan and steam temperature at the outlet of the superheater;

5) If the water level in the drum cannot be maintained, the boiler should be shut down urgently.

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