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Side mounted magnetostrictive level gauge

2024-01-22 15:47

When using a side mounted magnetostrictive level gauge, it is important to pay attention to these precautions

1. Magnetostrictive level gauges should avoid placing conductive materials close to the equipment body, and magnetic devices such as wires should be disabled to fix them, otherwise it will affect the normal operation of the maglev level gauge.

2. The medium inside the storage tank and measuring tube must not contain solid impurities or magnetic substances to prevent the float from being stuck or demagnetized, which may cause inaccurate measurement of the magnetostrictive level gauge;

3. Adjust the magnetic float liquid level timing. Firstly, open the upper guide valve, then slowly open the lower valve to allow the oil tank medium to smoothly enter the main body of the magnetic float level gauge. Observe whether the magnetic flipping is normal, and then close the lower guide valve. Open the drain valve to lower the liquid level in the main pipe. According to this method, it has been operated on three times. This is a normal phenomenon and can be put into operation.

4. Impurities in the main pipe should be cleaned periodically according to the condition of the storage tank medium;

5. For magnetic float level gauges exceeding a certain length (ordinary magnetic float level gauges>6 meters, corrosion-resistant magnetic float level gauges>5 meters), it is necessary to add reinforced flanges at the joints to fix the support. Increase strength and overcome one's own weight;

6. The installation of the magnetostrictive level gauge must be vertical. A ball valve should be installed between the magnetostrictive level gauge and the water tank conduit for easy inspection and cleaning.

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