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Installation of dual color liquid level gauge for steam drum

2024-01-22 15:49

1. Connect the flange of this hydraulic gauge to the flange of the container with a sealing gasket, and tighten the bolts.

2. Open the sensor drain flange and place it into the float. Attention: One end of the float magnetic steel should be facing upwards and not inverted.

3. Install a DN15 valve under the sensor discharge flange and connect it to the original liquid level meter discharge pipeline.

4. Connect the power supply, input AC36V power supply (or insert AC220V power supply with a diameter), and adjust the liquid level gauge to a position that is easy to observe.

5. First open the upper valve, then slowly open the lower valve, especially when the liquid level gauge is used in high pressure situations. Inject pressure slowly to prevent the float from suddenly being damaged by pressure, causing the medium to slowly flow into the sensor. Observe the liquid level display and switch from red to green one by one.

6. Pollutant discharge and water supply, observe whether the water level display, high and low water level alarms are normal. If there are no abnormal phenomena, it can be put into use.

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