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Usage and Management of Ultra Clean Workbench

2024-01-22 15:54

The usage and management of the ultra clean workbench are as follows:

1. Principle: The ultra clean workbench within the barrier system can only be used for surgery to establish animal models and daily operations of transgenic mice.

2. Purpose: To maintain the biological cleanliness of the barrier system, protect the safety of workers, maintain animal welfare, ensure the normal operation of the unit, and minimize various variable factors that can affect scientific research results.

3. Usage management:

(1) Every time using the ultra clean workbench, the experimenter should first turn on the ultraviolet lamp on the ultra clean workbench, and use it after 20 minutes of ultraviolet irradiation.

(2) Turn on the power supply of the ultra clean workbench, turn off the UV light, and use 75% alcohol or 0.5% peracetic acid spray to wipe and disinfect the workbench.

(3) Throughout the entire experiment, the experimenters should follow the sterile operating procedures.

(4) After the experiment is completed, wipe the workbench with disinfectant, turn off the work power, and turn on the UV light again for 15 minutes.

(5) If the unit malfunctions, the animal laboratory should be notified immediately, and professional personnel should continue to use it after passing the inspection.

(6) Experimental personnel should pay attention to maintaining indoor cleanliness.

(7) The filter material of the ultra clean workbench should be replaced every 2 years and a replacement record should be kept.

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