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Test items and standards for junction boxes

2024-01-04 13:30

In electrical circuits, junction boxes are essential electrical accessories. Their function is not only to facilitate wiring but also to facilitate threading, playing a role in protecting and connecting wires. How to determine whether the junction box meets the specifications, mainly by testing the following performance of the junction box:

Test items:

Appearance inspection, quality inspection, material inspection, sealing inspection, weather resistance inspection, end pin fastening performance inspection, connector insertion and removal reliability inspection, diode junction temperature inspection, contact resistance inspection, aging test, wet heat test, impact resistance test, IP level anti flushing test of junction box, and junction box body burning wire test.

Testing standards:

CB 3413-1992 Marine Junction Box

CB/T 4331-2013 Marine Junction Box, Switch, and Socket Installation Board

GB/T 37410-2019 Technical Conditions for Ground Solar Photovoltaic Module Junction Boxes

GB/T 997-2008 Classification of Structural Types, Installation Types, and Terminal Box Positions for Rotating Electrical Machines (IM Code)

JB/T 10634-2006 Small and medium-sized cage type three-phase asynchronous motor junction box

JB/T 4258-1999 Explosion proof junction box

JB/T 5332.2-2011 Electric submersible pump cables with rated voltages of 3.6/6kV and below - Part 2: Electric submersible pump connection cables

MT/T 1100-2009 Explosion proof High Voltage Cable Terminal Box for Coal Mines

MT 428-2007 Explosion proof Low Voltage Cable Terminal Box for Coal Mines

MT/T 429-2008 Explosion proof Low Voltage Cable Junction Boxes for Coal Mines

MT/T 945-2005 Increased safety low-voltage cable junction box for coal mines

MT/T 946-2005 Increased safety high-voltage cable junction box for coal mines

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