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Hollow glass dew point meter (dry ice refrigeration)

2024-05-31 14:33

  Product Introduction

  To measure the dew point of insulating glass, the measuring device is generally placed on the surface of the sample, cooled to a temperature equal to or lower than -60 ℃ and maintained at this temperature. After reaching the set time, the condensation of the sample is observed. The dry ice type hollow glass dew point meter utilizes the low temperature point of dry ice to meet the requirements of our test.

  Reference standards

  GB/T11944-2012 Hollow Glass

  GB/T 7020-1986 "Test Methods for Insulated Glass"

  BS5713:1979 Technical Requirements for Hollow Glass

  ASTM E546-88 "Test Method for Frosting Point of Hollow Glass"

  JIS R3209-1998 "Hollow Glass"

  technical parameter

  1. Sample size: 510mm x 360mm;

  2. Measurement tube height: 300mm;

  3. Measurement surface diameter: 50mm;

  4. Quartz glass tube wall thickness: 4.5mm;

  5. Measurement range of digital thermometer: -100 ℃~+100 ℃ (note: the measurement range is adjustable);

  6. Thermometer accuracy: 0.1 ℃;

  7. Test environment temperature: 23 ℃± 2 ℃;

  8. Test environment relative humidity: 30%~75%

  Product features

  1. This device has a simple structure and is easy to operate.

  2. Using a digital display meter to control temperature, data can be directly set and displayed for easy recording of experimental data.

  3. This device has a wide temperature range for measuring dew points.

  4. The measuring cylinder is made of quartz glass, which is resistant to low temperatures, easy to observe, and has high clarity.

  5. Specially designed temperature probe with high measurement accuracy and accurate data.

  6. The experimental process can be carried out step by step according to the detailed product manual. The entire experimental operation is simple and easy to learn

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