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Measuring instrument for heat transfer through material contact

2024-05-31 14:21

  Product Introduction

  The material contact heat transfer tester is designed, developed, and manufactured according to ISO12127-2007 and EN702. The instrument measures the heat transfer performance of the sample at a certain temperature by contacting it with a heating cylinder and a calorimeter under a certain load. This instrument has simple operation, accurate data, and is safe and reliable.

  Reference standards

  ISO12127-2007 Flame retardant and fire-resistant protective clothing - Determination of thermal conductivity through contact with protective clothing or its constituent materials

  EN702 Protective clothing - Heat and fire resistance - Test methods - Contact heat conduction test through protective clothing or its materials

  Product application

  The material contact heat transfer tester is suitable for measuring the heat transfer performance of specimens, such as measuring the thermal conductivity of contact heat through protective clothing or its constituent materials. It is widely used in companies and testing departments related to fire protection clothing.

  Product features

  1. The equipment consists of a control box and a stainless steel test bench.

  2. The sample holder of the instrument can be automatically lifted and lowered at a speed of 5mm ± 0.2mm/s.

  3. Equipped with K-type armored thermocouples for temperature measurement and control.

  4. The temperature of the heating bucket is high, and its load weight can be adjusted.

  5. Designed with a timer for easy testing and accurate timing.

  6. Equipped with a calorimeter and platinum resistance temperature sensor, the instrument has a high degree of automation control.

  7. PLC and touch screen intelligent control system.

  8. Temperature PID intelligent control, the system automatically collects temperature data.

  9. The experimental data system automatically calculates, stores, and can be freely printed.

  technical parameter

  1. K-type armored thermocouple: with a diameter of 2mm and a temperature measurement accuracy of 0.1 ℃.

  2. The temperature of the heating bucket is greater than 500 ℃, and its load weight is 49N.

  3. The diameter of the contact surface of the sample is 25.2 ± 0.05mm.

  4. Timing range 9999s; Timing accuracy of 0.1s.

  5. The fixed plate of the calorimeter has a diameter of 25mm and a thickness of 5mm.

  6. The support frame material is nylon 66; 40mm diameter and 50mm height.

  7. The diameter of the sample is 80mm.

  8. Test bench size: 650mm x 350mm x 650mm.

  9. Power supply 220V/60Hz, power 800w.

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