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Smoke toxicity tester

2024-05-31 14:26

  Product Introduction

  The British Navy Engineering NES standard specifies the toxicity of gases produced during the combustion of cable materials. Toxicity refers to a property that causes structural damage or functional disorder to living organisms, and the toxicity index is the total toxicity of all gases produced during material combustion.

  This instrument complies with the NES 713 standard and is used to test the combustion characteristics of materials. Suitable for measuring the smoke toxicity of materials after combustion using colorimetric tubes or portable smoke analyzers.

  Product features

  The box body is made of stainless steel, the wall is made of fire-resistant polypropylene, seamless welding, and the internal space is 0.7 cubic meters.

  The design of the box door facilitates cleaning of the box, using transparent polycarbonate sheets and laminating to enhance hardness and strength.

  The gas nozzle uses a spark ignition system, and if the flame goes out, it can automatically reignite.

  Timer control, automatic ignition, ignition completed and automatically extinguished.

  Equipped with 15 sample positions, it can be used together with gas colorimetric reaction tubes or other gas analyzers.

  Independent control box with built-in flow meter, timer, methane and air controller.

  A powerful exhaust system, controlled by a timer, can automatically eliminate smoke generated during the testing process upon completion.

  Built in fan, capable of quickly mixing combustibles.

  During the combustion test process, the progress of the combustion test can be observed through an enhanced plastic observation window.

  The door lock device facilitates the opening and closing of the box door.

  Manual/automatic testing mode, freely selectable.

  Automatic circulation mode, where the gas produced by combustion is controlled by a circulation device controlled by a timer.

  Product specifications

  Size: 1185 (W) x 700 (D) x 2100 (H) mm

  Power supply: AC 220V, 50/60Hz, 10A

  Weight: approximately 150kg

  Instructions: Can be provided

  Exhaust: 50L/s

  Tools: compressed gas, vacuum cleaner, methane, propane gas (optional)

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