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Compression porosity meter

2024-05-30 14:04

  Product Introduction:

  In practical use, under considerable pressure, the pore characteristics of the product are significantly different from those evaluated in the laboratory. The compression porosity meter can evaluate components under real usage conditions, and is a very valuable equipment such as filter media and battery separators.

  Operating principle: The fully wetted sample is sandwiched between two porous rigid plates and placed in the sample chamber. The rigid plate has more holes than the sample, and compression pressure is applied to the rigid plate to increase the air pressure behind the sample. When the pressure is high enough, the maximum hole is empty and gas begins to flow. As the pressure increases, the smaller holes are also empty and the flow rate increases. Using wet and dry samples to measure flow rate and pressure, these data are used to calculate the effect of compression pressure on pore size and distribution. Compression pore gauges can describe the characteristics of porous materials in practical use.

  Product application:

  The design of an automated compression porosity meter is used to determine the pore structure of materials under compression. Worldwide, industries use compressed porosity meters for R&D and quality control. Samples commonly used for testing include filter media, thin films, and paper box battery separators. This instrument can be tested under simulated real usage conditions.

  Applicable industries:

  Battery partition filtration in the automotive manufacturing industry

  Geotextiles and textile biotechnology

  Non woven paper fuel cell

  Product features:

  1. Measure the effect of applying compression pressure on maximum pore diameter (bubble point), average flow pore diameter, pore distribution, and permeability.

  2. Fully automatic, the instrument is easy to operate.

  3. Based on Microsoft software to obtain data, store and shrink.

  4. Non destructive testing to maintain material integrity.

  5. The operator can adjust the compression pressure.

  Technical parameters:

  Project parameters

  Compression stress 0-1000psi (0-7000kpa)

  Compression stress accuracy 0.25%

  Test pressure 100200 and 500psi instrument version 70014003500kpa instrument version

  Pressure accuracy 0.15% reading

  Flow rate reaches 200SLPM (standard liters per minute)

  Pressure flow resolution 1/20000 of full scale (1 part in 20000)

  Sample size standard: 0.25 '-2.5' diameter (up to 1.5 inches thick); Standard: 5mm~60mm diameter (up to 40mm thickness) Other applicable

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