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Vibration dynamic stiffness tester

2024-05-31 14:28

  Material stiffness, abbreviated as stiffness, refers to the elastic modulus in material mechanics. Dynamic stiffness is the ability to resist deformation under dynamic loads, that is, the dynamic force required to cause unit amplitude.

  The vibration dynamic stiffness tester is designed using recent technology. By raising and lowering the crossbeam, the sample contacts the rigid indenter, forming dynamic indentation on the surface of the sample, and then measuring the dynamic indentation stiffness of the material. The instrument is used to measure the dynamic stiffness of thermal insulation materials, thereby determining their sound insulation characteristics. It is widely used in industrial testing, production quality control, and other aspects of thermal insulation materials.

  Reference standards

  (1) EN 29052-1 Acoustics: Determination of dynamic sound force Part 1: Residential floating floor mats.

  (2) ISO 9052 Acoustics: Determination of dynamic stiffness Part 1: Floating floor materials for residential use.

  technical parameter

  External dimensions (length x width x height): 500 x 500 x 750 mm

  Instrument weight: 38 kg

  Weight of granite foundation: 105 kg

  Frequency range: 0-100 Hz

  Sensor: 0-10 N


  The instrument is specially designed to measure the dynamic stiffness of thermal and acoustic insulation materials. It has simple operation, high accuracy and full functions. The instrument can be used in EPS, mineral wool, glass wool, polyurethane foam and its insulation materials, and is applied in all walks of life.

  Computer processing of numerical values with high accuracy and precision.

  Application of building materials such as furniture, flooring, and walls.

  The precision ball screw pair drives the crossbeam to rise and fall, completing testing with simple operation

  Aerospace products

  Granite base, the instrument is not easily displaced during operation, and the instrument has four corners for shock absorption and low noise.

  Rubber and plastic products such as sports venues

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