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Spectral colorimeter

2024-05-16 16:52

Product Introduction:

The SC series colorimeter is a high-end model device with the highest accuracy among its peers. It has high value in precise color management and can provide various measurement and chart display options.

This colorimeter can measure the color value and reflectivity of opaque materials, as well as the color value, transmittance, platinum cobalt index, and other indices of transparent materials (including liquids) or semi transparent materials (including films). Compared with other products on the market today, it is easier to operate, more automated, and has more functions.

Applicable scope:

The SC-T spectrophotometer can accurately measure the transmittance and reflectance of samples, and is widely used in fields such as plastics, coatings, inks, automobiles, textiles, food, medicine, and building materials.

Parameter data:

Model SC-T

Geometric reflection: diffuse incidence type, observed at 8 ° (can be converted between de: 8 ° and di: 8 °)

Transmission: 0 ° incidence, 0 ° observation

Spectral reflection grating

Measurement wavelength and wavelength interval of 380-780nm, 5nm interval

Aperture diameter reflection: φ 30mm, φ 15mm, φ 5mm; Transmission: φ 30mm

Color measurement conditions A, C, D65, F6, F8, F10, and F11 light 2 ° and 10 ° observation angles

Tolerance standard deviation Δ E * ab within 0.01 (after 10 measurements on the white calibration standard plate)

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