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Mist meter parameters

2024-05-16 16:50

Product Introduction:

The haze meter is used to measure the haze value of an object, which is the ratio of total light penetrating the object to diffuse light. The haze value of fully transparent materials is 0. As the amount of diffuse light increases (making the light blurry), the haze value will increase.

This device is widely used in industries that handle transparent materials, such as plastics, glass, beverages, pharmaceuticals (liquids), cosmetics, as well as films and sealants used in LCD displays and photovoltaic modules.

In response to the demands of our customers for processing various samples, the HZ-V3 haze meter has developed into a device that pursues practicality and emphasizes measurement accuracy. The device can be placed vertically and horizontally according to the sample situation.

Product features:

Accurate measurement

The TM dual beam emission method systematically compensates for the transfer of light in the total amount of light, ensuring the stability of long-period measurements. The light beam emitted by the light source is divided into two highly parallel beams, and then automatically enters the integrated sphere by taking turns through the measurement aperture and compensation port.

The calibration standard plate configured is sourced from the National Physical Laboratory in the UK. The accuracy of this device is set and maintained by SUGA JCSS optical calibration technology. It can also be calibrated according to the calibration standard plate specified in ASTM D1003 (PAT).

Availability concept

The device can be placed vertically or horizontally based on the size and shape of the sample to be tested.

The sample size can be placed up to 260X180X30mm (when the haze meter is placed vertically). The sample stage is flat, allowing larger samples to be placed in the sample stage space for measurement.

Horizontal placement of haze meter allows samples such as thin films and liquid cells to be fixed through a special sample stage and measured under the same conditions each time.

ISO 14782 and ISO 13468-1 require the placement of a white standard plate before placing the sample, but the HZ-V3 is equipped with an automatic light trap white plate conversion system that allows measurement to be done with a single action (PAT).

Vertical placement of the haze meter allows for simple detection of plate shaped samples by simply placing them on a flat sample stage.

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