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Micro spectral colorimeter

2024-05-16 16:51

Product Introduction:

This colorimeter is widely used to measure micro material surfaces that are only visible under a microscope, such as textiles, printing materials, and electronic components such as PCBs, ICs, and wires. The enlarged measurement area will be displayed on the screen for easy observation and focus.

Applicable scope:

This device is equipped with a microscope device for measuring the surface of micro sample materials. With the cooperation of a microscope, the enlarged image is displayed on an independent display screen for clear observation and sample focusing. The micro spectrophotometer can be used to measure electronic components such as micro textile materials, printing materials, PCBs, ICs, cables, etc

Parameter data:

Geometric structure 45 ° incidence 0 ° observation angle (optional: the incidence angle can be adjusted between 45 ° and 75 °)

Measurement wavelength and wavelength interval of 380-780nm, 10nm interval

Aperture diameter Φ 0.05mm, φ 0.1mm, φ 0.2mm

Color measurement conditions A, C, D65, F6, F8, F10, and F11 light 2 ° and 10 ° observation angles

Image output CMOS color camera

The monitor is equipped with a micrometer

The standard deviation of Δ E * ab is within 0.02 (after 10 measurements on the white calibration standard plate)

Size and weight of optical device: approximately 36 (W) x 45 (D) x 56 (H) cm; (approximately 33kg)

(Independent monitor)

Operating device: approximately 23 (W) x 33 (D) x 16 (H) cm; (approximately 4kg)

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