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MAESER leather dynamic waterproof testing machine

2024-05-15 16:03

The testing method of the MAESER leather dynamic waterproof testing machine uses clean steel balls placed inside the material. The impedance and total weight of the steel balls themselves must meet the regulations. Under these conditions, the material's tortuous waterproof permeability index is detected using a new sensing element and special design. During the test, as long as the material's interior is penetrated by water, the counting will automatically stop or the time or number of times it will automatically stop and display will be displayed when the set time (test number) is reached.

Compliant with standards:

Complies with standards such as SATRA TM34/ASTM D2099/ALCA E56

Specification parameters:

According to standard: ASTM-D2099

Test quantity: 1-4 pieces

Test piece size: 4 "x 4" ± 0125 (101.6 x 101.6 ± 3.2mm)

Load: The total weight of steel balls is 135 ± 5g

Test displacement: 30 ± 1 °

Speed: 90 ° ± 5cpm

Counter: LCD, 0~999999 or touch screen control

Horsepower: 90W

Volume: 49 x 45 x 45cm

Weight: 55kg

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