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Xenon lamp aging testing machine

2024-04-29 15:26

Applicable scope:

The Atlas Ci3000+water-cooled xenon lamp aging tester/sun fastness tester uses a water-cooled xenon lamp and uses an argon arc lamp to simulate and control the most ideal natural climate and sunlight experimental conditions to test the color and performance changes of textile dyes. It can also test the aging resistance of materials and accurately test the product's service life while ensuring good repeatability and reproducibility. Widely used in industries such as plastics, paint coatings, inks, packaging, automotive materials, photochemical materials, pigments and dyes, and textiles. Atlas Ci3000+has obtained certifications from multiple international standards organizations.

Product details:


Xenon lamp cooling system - a new water-cooled xenon lamp cooling system with good cooling effect and low cooling water consumption.

Rotating specimen holder - improves the consistency of exposure to sunlight for all specimens.

Control system - Enhanced control system can handle complex custom programs and simple pre programming tests, with simple operation pages and clear and understandable icons; The irradiance, temperature, and humidity can be programmed to change step by step, meeting various testing requirements of users.

Intelligent and user-friendly operating system - intuitive LCD touch interface, comprehensive functions, multiple languages to choose from; Water purity indicator, monitoring input water quality; SmartLight Monitor TM to ensure proper installation of the lamp tubes.

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