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Water absorption tester

2024-04-28 14:55

This device is used to detect the ability of velvet fabrics to quickly absorb and retain moisture from the surface of human skin, dishes, and furniture. Pour a quantitative amount of water onto the fabric through a funnel, fix the fabric on a fixture, and subtract the water accumulated in the lower plate from the original measured water to obtain the water absorbed by the fabric.

Main use:

The water absorption tester is suitable for testing the water absorption of products such as towels, face towels, square towels, bath towels, towels, etc. It simulates the absorption of surface moisture by towels on the skin, dishes, furniture, etc. in real life to test their water absorption.


Applicable standards:

GB/T22799-2009 Test Method for Water Absorption of Towel Products

ASTM/D4772 Standard Test Method for Surface Water Absorption of Towel Fabrics (Water Flow Test Method)


Product features:

1. Laboratory level components

2. Made of non corrosive aluminum and stainless steel

3. If necessary, other water absorption testers can be provided

4.1 year manufacturer's warranty period

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