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Male Warm Body Dummy

2024-04-26 13:55

The warm dummy system device is applied to:

Building thermal ventilation and air conditioning, comfort in aircraft and vehicles, thermal resistance testing of various clothing, research on wet and sports clothing, analysis of the impact of cold and warm rooms on the human body, high and low temperature environments, such as special fire experimental environments.

1. Building thermal ventilation and air conditioning.

2. Evaluation of aircraft and cars.

3. Thermal resistance testing of various types of clothing.

4. Research on wet clothing and sportswear.

5. Analysis of the impact of cold and warm rooms on the human body.

6. In high and low temperature environments, such as special fire experimental environments.

The main characteristics of the warm body dummy are:

The human body model of a warm body dummy is divided into 17 anatomical segments, including the head, torso, and limbs. Each segment has insulated and fine tuned heaters in each segment, and constant power control can achieve surface heating and constant temperature control.

In the control software section, various measurement data and records can be processed and statistically processed, including the internal heat of the human body model, the temperature insulation performance of the clothing, and the surface temperature evaluation and heat dissipation value calculation of the human body model.

3. When making the human body model of a warm mannequin, resin with small heat capacity is used, which can quickly handle the thermal response and heat exchange process of the human body model.

4. The thermal nickel wire sensor, connected to the entire system, can measure the average temperature with good sensitivity in each section.

5. The joints, shoulders, and knees can be bent and changed to standing or sitting positions, making it easy to remove clothes.

6. The warm body dummy system comes standard with a lifting bracket for the human body model, which can easily move the human body model.

Product features:

The thermal human body model system (warm sweating dummy) is used to evaluate the overall thermal and humidity comfort of clothing, providing accurate and effective experimental data for the study of mine thermal hazard protection technology and the analysis and identification of metal and non-metal mine thermal hazard accidents.

Compliant with standards:

ISO 15831, ASTM F2370-05, ASTM F2371-05, EN 13537, EN 342 and other standards.

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