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Universal wear testing machine

2024-04-28 14:53

The universal wear tester/universal wear testing machine can perform wear tests such as flat grinding, curved grinding, edge grinding, edge grinding, frost resistance, edge closing, and pilling. The tested sample can be in a dry state or immersed in water, oil, or other liquids. It can be used for woven fabrics, knitted fabrics, coated fabrics, plush fabrics, socks, felt, non-woven fabrics, deep fabrics, yarn, string plastic films, rubber, leather, paper, and various other materials.

Applicable standards:

ASTM/D3514 D3885 D3886, AATCC 119/120, FTMS 191/5300/5302, FORD EFB 15J2/BN 112-01.

Main parameters of universal wear tester/universal wear tester:

1. Inner diameter of clamping ring: 94mm;

2. Locking ring height: ≤ 9.5mm;

3. Speed: 120 ± 15/min;

4. Travel: 25mm;

5. Air pressure: 62kPa (9psi);

6. External dimensions: 330 x 500 x 460mm (length x width x height);

7. Weight: 33kg (72lb);

8. Power supply: 120/230V, 50/60Hz, 2A/1A.

Main features:

1. Equipped with different accessories to meet different standard requirements, it has multiple functions and a wide range;

2. Equipped with flat grinding test head and curved grinding test head;

3. Equipped with digital timer and LCD display timer;

4. Equipped with an electronic touch rubber diaphragm and a non electronic touch rubber diaphragm;

5. Equipped with a reciprocating workbench and an improved sample box stretching device;

6. Equipped with a set of pressure weights and a set of tension weights;

7. Equipped with a built-in silent air pressure system;

8. Equipped with perforated sandpaper and non perforated sandpaper, 50 standard ribbons;

9. Equipped with standard cloth, calibration and testing knives.

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