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Electrostatic attenuation tester

2024-04-25 16:01

Related standards:

JIS L 1094-1980 Japanese industrial standard: Test method for electrostatic properties of woven and knitted fabrics

GB/T 12703


The tester in this machine is an electrostatic attenuation testing instrument used to test the electrostatic diffusion of various materials. The sample is charged due to the irradiation of air ions generated by corona discharge. After the irradiation of air ions stops, the decay curve of the charge is measured by the tester, and then the voltage decay half-life is automatically calculated by the analyzer.

The electrostatic analyzer V2 is an analytical arithmetic unit that obtains the electrostatic attenuation curve through an electrostatic tester, automatically calculates the half-life of voltage attenuation, and uses a single key operation to automatically measure the electrostatic attenuation of the material. After connecting to a personal computer, the following functions can be achieved:

① Setting of attenuation rate (usually set at 50% half-life): 2-100%

② Computer data storage of test data

③ Automatically save temperature and humidity data to a folder

④ Voltage coordinates and time coordinates can be enlarged or reduced at will

Suitable for measuring all thin sheet specimens such as film, thin sheets, silk thread, fabric, carpets, glass, etc.


【 Accessories 】

1 power cord

1 signal wire

Calibration Tool&Balancer Type 1

Two hexagonal wrenches

3 fuses 2A

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