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Sweat color fastness tester

2024-04-25 15:54

Compliant with standards:

ISO 105 E01 E02 E04, BS 1006, AATCC 15 106 107, DIN 54005, M&S C6 C7, NEXT TM4, DIN EN ISO 105 E01 E02 E04, GB/T 3992 5713 5714

Applicable scope:

Testing and determining the color fastness to sweat, seawater, saliva, distilled water, etc. of various textile materials and textiles.

Product details:

The sweat stain color fastness tester is widely used to test the color fastness of textiles to sweat, seawater, saliva, distilled water, etc. Combine the sample with the specified lining fabric, after treatment with the test solution, remove the test solution and clamp it in the middle of the test sample. Apply pressure for a certain period of time under the specified pressure, dry the sample and lining fabric separately, and observe the color change. The stainless steel sample holder can accommodate 20 samples, equipped with acrylic separation plates, and provides standard weights such as AATCC, ISO, BS, etc. Equipped with a sweat color fastness oven and a set of chemical reagents suitable for AATCC and ISO sweat testing, including 500g sodium chloride, 500g sodium dihydrogen orthophosphate, 500g sodium dihydrogen phosphate, and 200g L-histidine salt.


Technical parameters:

A. This instrument provides 1 stainless steel sample holder, 2 standard codes, and 21 acrylic plates;

B. The sample rack can accommodate 20 10cm x 4cm samples;

C. Acrylonitrile plates are used between each sample;

D. Using different weights will display different testing standards to avoid using errors.

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