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Rainproof tester

2024-04-24 15:34

Applicable scope:

Rainproof tester can detect the water repellency performance of fabrics or composite materials under different rainwater pressures.


Product details:

This instrument can simulate rain spraying from the horizontal direction towards the tested fabric fixed vertically in a stainless steel groove. The back of the sample is tightly attached to the standard filter paper (weighing is required before and after testing). The water in the water column is sprayed by a standard nozzle to form rain, and the water volume in the water column can be adjusted from 600mm (24 inches) in increments of 300mm (12 inches) to 2400mm (96 inches).

The rain resistance tester provides an LCD color touch screen with an interactive user interface, which can preset ISO and AATCC testing standards, water temperature, water column height, and testing time. The built-in reservoir can recover the water sprayed on the sample, and the reservoir is equipped with a heater to control the water temperature. The precision water pump can automatically maintain the water column on the nozzle to the set height.

Not modifiable, can be ordered together with a new rainfall tester. We can provide a temperature controlled water supply system, which includes an electronic temperature controller, mixing tank, and solenoid control valve.


Technical parameters:

1. Control: LCD color touch screen panel;

2. Water column: 60-150cm± 1.5cm (standard), 60-240cm± 1.5cm (expansion);

3. Sample holder: 285 x 190mm (305mm from the nozzle);

4. Heater: 1000W;

5. Temperature control: Room temperature~40 ℃± 0.8 ℃ (without cooling device);

6. Supply water source: tap water or distilled water;

7. Reservoir: 40L;

8. External dimensions: 700 x 600 x 2460mm (length x width x height);

9. Weight: 125kg (275lb);

10. Power supply: 230/120VAC, 50/60Hz.


Instrument configuration:

1. Rainproof testing instrument with LCD color touch screen control panel;

2. Water column pipe, 240cm;

3. Standard nozzle;

4. Sample racks and racks;

5. 40L reservoir;

6. 150cm water column pipe (optional);

7. AATCC filter paper 500 × 1000mm (25 sheets) (optional).

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