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Fabric drilling performance tester

2024-04-29 15:30

Applicable scope:

Testing of anti drilling properties of various fabrics used for lining and fabric production of down products. Used to test the performance of various fabrics to prevent burring or feathers from leaking through the seams.

Product details:

The instrument consists of a rotary box that can rotate in both forward and reverse directions, and an electrical control part. The rotary box is a smooth cube with organic glass as the material, and the instrument has functions such as intelligent preset rotation and automatic stop at full capacity.

Structural principle:

The anti drilling performance of fabrics refers to the ability of fabrics to prevent down or feathers from drilling and leaking from yarn gaps; Represented by the number of drill fibers under specified conditions. Make the sample into a bag shape, containing a certain amount of down, and place it in the rotary box of the testing instrument. At the same time, a hard rubber ball is also placed in the rotary box. The rotary box rotates at a certain speed, dropping the rubber ball strap to a certain height and impacting the sample to simulate various squeezing, rubbing, collision and other effects of down products during consumption. Evaluate the anti drilling performance of the fabric by counting the number of down roots drilled from inside the sample.

Instrument features:

1. Controlled by a microcomputer processor, the equipment automatically stops and alarms upon termination of operation;

2. Counter: LED LCD display can be set and equipped with a calibration system to ensure stable equipment operation;

3. Transparent polyacrylonitrile safety cover, convenient for operators to observe;

4. The entire machine is made of 316 stainless steel, which is sturdy and generous.

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