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Fabric water permeability tester

2024-04-16 15:31

[Scope of Application]:

Used to determine the water resistance of various fabrics, such as canvas, medical non-woven materials, coated fabrics, geosynthetic materials, oilcloth, tent cloth, tarpaulin, and rainproof clothing cloth.

[Related Standards]:

GB/T 4744-2013 "Testing and Evaluation of Waterproofing Performance of Textiles - Hydrostatic Pressure Method"

FZ/T 01004 "Test method for water resistance of coated fabrics"

JIS L 1092 "Test method for waterproofing of textile fabrics"

ISO 811 "Determination of water resistance"

ISO1420 "Rubber and plastic coated fabrics - Determination of water resistance"

BS EN20811, AATCC127 "Hydrostatic Test for Waterproofing"

DIN 53886, ERT120-1 160-0, AFNOR G07-057

[Instrument characteristics]:

1. Gas pressurization, uniform pressurization speed, fast reaction, not limited by range of motion

2. Automatic Level Evaluation Assistance System for Test Results

3. Pneumatic clamping of specimens, convenient, fast, stable and consistent

4. Enhanced lighting system with free angle, making it convenient for users to observe the testing status of samples

5. Equipped with constant pressure warning function, reducing test supervision time

6. Adopting industrial grade processors for precise program control;

7. Using a 16 bit high-precision AD conversion chip to collect real-time pressure values;

8. 7-inch color touch screen display and control, free switching between Chinese and English menus, and free system time setting;

9. Built in 3 testing methods to meet the testing requirements of different standards to the greatest extent possible;

10. Multiple pressure units (Pa, Kpa, mmH20, mmHg) can be freely switched, and a unit conversion coefficient table is provided for query, which can meet the requirements of different national standards.

[Technical parameters]:

1. Water pressure rise rate: 1kpa/min~60kpa/min

2. Working modes: 3 types (boost constant pressure timing, constant pressure timing)

3. Display mode: Color screen display, touch screen Chinese and English menu style operation

4. Number/specification of cylinders: 1 piece/(250 * 80) mm

5. Power supply: Ac 220V± 10% 50HZ 100W

6. Instrument external dimensions: 550 x 400 x 500mm

7. Weight: 70kg

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