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Fire resistance testing device for wires and cables

2024-04-15 15:52

The wire and cable fire resistance testing device is an assembly device consisting of a sample holder, propane gas burner, control panel, temperature measurement equipment, and k-shaped armored thermocouple. The device is designed to measure the fire resistance performance of cables used in wiring or power grids, and the testing conditions are controlled to burn in a hot gas outlet at 750 ° C.

Device configuration:

1. Sample holder

A stainless steel rod (110mm long, 10mm diameter), 2 brackets, 2 double clamps, and 2 pliers.

2. Belt type propane gas burner nozzle, with a nominal nozzle length of 500mm, 3 rows of combustion holes arranged, equipped with Venturi mixer and fastening support bracket.

3. Control panel:

(1) 800 ml/min gas flow meter with an accuracy of ± 2%;

(2) 50 ml/min gas flow meter with an accuracy of ± 2%;

(3) Flame safety equipment, equipped with piezoelectric igniters.

(4) 2 pressure gauges, pressure range 0/7.5 kPa

(5) 2 control valves, gas and air flow control

4. Temperature measurement equipment for easy control of testing temperature.

5. Two stainless steel K-shaped armored thermocouples are connected to a computer and data is collected through a data logger.

Reference standard:

CEI 20-36/1

IEC 60331

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