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Intelligent flat plate thermal conductivity tester

2024-04-12 15:39

Applicable scope:

This thermal conductivity tester mainly tests homogeneous board materials such as plastic, rubber, glass, fiberboard, benzene board, extruded board, foam concrete, hollow glass, wooden board, various insulation materials, etc. It can also measure the thermal conductivity of various substances such as granular materials, bulk materials, and soft materials.


Compliant with standards:


GB/T 10294-2008, GB/T 3399-1982, GB/T 10801.1-2002, GB/T 10801.2-2002, GB/T 3139-2005, GB/T 17794-2008.


Product Description:

Thermal conductivity is an important parameter used to measure the thermal conductivity and insulation performance of heat-resistant materials, and the performance of heat-resistant insulation materials is determined by the material's thermal conductivity. The thermal conductivity of a material depends on many factors such as its composition, porosity, water absorption, moisture content, internal structure, and the environment and temperature during heat conduction. The intelligent flat panel thermal conductivity tester integrates water bath constant temperature equipment, and all measurements and controls are controlled by computers. The experimental program is written in Visual Basic 6.0, with an intuitive interface and easy operation. The data section is in Excel format, which is easy to operate and process. The test data curve can be saved and printed in real time, and the test records can be fully stored. Utilizing a computer interface to achieve fully automatic control of the instrument, data acquisition and processing, as well as calculation, display, and printing of thermal conductivity, the measurement time is short, the speed is fast, the data is accurate, the degree of automation is high, and the noise is low.

Product features:

The test casing of the thermal conductivity tester adopts the spray coating method, also known as the electrostatic powder spraying method, which ensures excellent appearance quality, strong mechanical strength, corrosion resistance, and rust resistance of the chassis.

2. Single specimen design, with insulation material and back protection unit used on one side of the heating unit to replace the specimen and cooling unit in the double specimen.

3. The unique caster design in the equipment further increases the flexibility of the thermal conductivity meter's movement.

4. Horizontal placement of specimens, automatic lifting of cold plates, simple and convenient placement of specimens.

5. The thermal conductivity meter has a long service life and uses pressure resistant and corrosion-resistant silicone tubes for water circulation.

6. High safety performance, the independence of the circuit and refrigeration cycle during the design process ensures that the electrical part of the equipment is not affected by the water cycle, thereby ensuring the stability of data collection for the electrical part.

7. Good temperature stability performance, the protective plate effectively prevents heat loss from the hot plate, forming a one-dimensional protective effect, greatly improving the temperature stability performance of the specimen.

8. Online dual calibration, our company adopts unique technology to calibrate temperature and system errors accurately, quickly, and conveniently.

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