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ATLAS SUNTEST CPS Desktop Xenon Lamp Aging Test Chamber

2024-04-16 15:24

The Atlas Suntest CPS desktop xenon lamp aging test chamber is used to test the material's response to long-term light, heat, and humidity in the final use environment. The CPS series has always been the most widely used desktop xenon lamp aging instrument in the world. The convenient xenon lamp aging instrument is suitable for screening new materials applied in different environments, such as quality control of materials and components, and routine testing during production. The CPS series can monitor and control test parameters and ensure the repeatability and reproducibility of test results. The filtered xenon lamp can accurately and stably simulate solar radiation, and its performance is not affected by the lifespan of the xenon lamp. The CPS series is suitable for packaging, cosmetics, printing inks, industrial fabrics, agricultural chemicals, building sealants, dental materials, and other fields.


Compliant with standards:


ASTM D3424/D5071/D6695/G151/G155; EPA/ASTM E896; ICH Guidelines Q1BQ5C; ISO 10977/11431/1199-5/24443/4049/4892-1/4892-2/7491; Qualicoat


Test box - the smallest economical xenon lamp tester in the Suntest series, with a exposure area of 560cm2.

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