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Medical mask gas exchange pressure difference tester

2024-04-15 15:55

Product model: G289

1、 Main use:

Suitable for measuring the gas exchange pressure difference of medical surgical masks, and can also be used to measure the gas exchange pressure difference of other textile materials.

2、 Instrument features:

1. Using a suction type air source as the power source of the instrument, without being limited by the space of the test site;

2. Equipped with high-precision pressure difference sensors, digital display of pressure difference on both sides of the sample;

3. Specially designed sample clamps ensure firm clamping of the sample.

3、 Technical indicators:

1. Air source: suction type;

2. Air flow rate: 8L/min;

3. Sealing method: End face sealing;

4. Sample breathable diameter: Ф 25mm;

5. Differential pressure sensor range: 0-500pa;

6. Display method: Digital display of pressure difference;

7. Power supply: 220V, 50Hz.

4、 Applicable standards:

YY0469-2011 Medical Surgical Masks

YY0969-2013 Disposable Medical Masks

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