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Digital sock stretcher

2024-03-27 14:18

Compliant with standards:

FZ/T 70006, FZ/T 73001, FZ/T 73011, FZ/T 73013, FZ/T 73029, FZ/T 73030


Application scope:

The digital sock stretcher is mainly used for measuring the vertical and horizontal extension values of pantyhose, long tube socks, abdominal straps, swimwear, and knitted pants. Built in constant speed stretching test mode and constant tension stretching test mode, meeting different testing requirements such as constant elongation force, constant elongation rate, and constant force timed stretching rate. The system has built-in testing options such as constant elongation force, constant elongation force, elastic recovery, and plastic deformation, making it convenient for users to choose their own testing methods.


Product features:

1. The control panel is approximately 100cm high, which meets ergonomic and practical usage requirements, and is easy to operate;

2. Vertical tensile structure, convenient for sample installation and testing;

3. Vertical vertical structure with small horizontal space occupation;

4. Siemens PLC control system, precise control, stable and reliable


Technical parameters:

1. Tensile speed: 20mm/s-250mm/s infinitely adjustable;

2. Test range: 100-3000mm; (Customizable to increase to 3400mm)

3. Rated tensile force, adjustable within the range of 0.1N-200N, and the testing tensile force can be set according to actual testing needs;

4. Side mounted LCD controller, pre-set testing condition parameters such as stretching speed, rated pulling force, and stretching holding time, and real-time display of test results;

5. Configure pre tension weights and manual fixtures;

6. After the test is completed, the elongation of the sample can be output;

7. Structural dimensions: 1000mm x 700mm x 3500mm 8. Weight: 120kg

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