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Spray type water repellent performance tester

2024-03-27 14:04

Compliant with standards:

ISO 4920, BS EN 24920, BS 3702, GB/T 4745, AATCC 22, M&S P23, NEXT 23


Applicable scope:

Spray type water repellent performance tester can evaluate the water repellent (moisture repellent) performance of fabric surfaces.


Product details:

This instrument has an all metal structure, and quantitative distilled water is sprayed through a standard nozzle at a depth of 150mm below 45 degrees to test the sample. After testing, the surface of the sample is compared and rated with the standard drawing card.

A certain volume of distilled water is sprayed onto the center of the fixed sample. The strict quality control of the spray hole setting and the precise setting of the height above the sample ensure the stable spraying water flow and form strictly required by international standards. The height of the nozzle can be accurately set using the provided height setting ruler.


Instrument features:

1. The instrument has a simple structure and mainly consists of a main frame, funnel, nozzle, sample holder, and sample holder;

2. The nozzle has a total of 19 evenly distributed holes, and the aperture is customized according to standard requirements. 250ml of water poured into the funnel can flow out of the nozzle within 25-30 seconds;

3. The surface where the upper edge of the sample holder ring is located forms a 45 ° angle with the horizontal plane;

4. The distance from the center of the sample to the nozzle is 150mm, which is the center of the circle where the upper edge of the sample holder ring is located.


Technical parameters:

1. Structure: Stainless steel;

2. Surface treatment: painting;

3. External dimensions: 230 x 250 x 500mm (length x width x height);

4. Weight: 5kg (11lb).


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