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Carpet combustion tester

2024-03-27 14:10

Carpet combustion testing machine is used to test the flammability and flame retardancy of carpets when subjected to small flames. According to different standard requirements, two methods can be used for testing: the hot metal nut method and the urotropine pill method.


Compliant with standards:


GB/T11049-2008, BS 4790, ISO 6925, BS 6307, US Consumer Product Safety Committee (CPSC) CFR 1630/1631


Applicable scope:

Carpet flammability tester, used to detect the impact of small fire sources on carpets.


Product composition:

The test box is made of flame-retardant and heat-resistant board, and includes a convenient skateboard for operation. The mirror on the top of the test box allows the operator to observe the sample during testing

Product features:

1. Equipped with measuring grating and snap ring


2. Skateboards are easy to operate

3. Mirrors are easy to observe

4. Suitable for two different testing methods

5. Operational safety

Supporting consumables:


1. Test box (including furnace)

2. Hot Nut Test Attachment

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