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Hook wire rating box

2024-03-27 14:17

Applicable scope:

This instrument is applicable to all wire hook testing rating standards, and the rating results are obtained by comparing the sample with the standard sample under a specified light source.

Applicable standards:

GB/T 11047, etc

Product features:

1. The 12V 55W quartz halogen lamp tube is used as the standard light source, and the light cover uses a Finier lens to make the light parallel, ensuring stable and accurate illumination.

2. The lamp tube has a long service life, and the reflector uses optical glass reflection to reduce diffuse reflection.

3. It has a beautiful and elegant appearance, a compact structure, and convenient operation, and can provide stable and reliable standard lighting sources. It is a new and simple standard light source box with superior cost-effectiveness.

Technical parameters:

1. Light source: Quartz halogen lamp 12V 55W

2. Power supply AC220V ± 10%

3. External dimensions 435mm x 590mm x 445mm

4. Net weight: 12kg

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