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Judge III standard light source color matching light box

2024-03-21 14:43

The Judge III standard color matching lightbox provides the world's most accurate simulated light, allowing for faster completion of color matching tasks. Equipped with digital display, automatic power-saving device, and six independent timers; Equipped with six light sources: D65, TL84/U30, INCA, HOR, UV, CWF;

Whether preparing color introductions, designing or selecting product colors, the Judge III standard multi light source lightbox can provide you with a fair and objective color environment. It combines high mobility and high-quality structural design with a small standard multi light source lightbox, suitable for carrying to every corner of the world.

Compliant with standards:

ASTM D1729, ISO 3664, DIN, SAE J361, JIS Z 8723, GM 9220P, AS 4004, ANSI, BSI, BS950, QS 9000


Used for visual evaluation, color matching and sampling, identification of color differences and fluorescent substances of materials in industries such as textiles and printing and dyeing, so that samples, production, quality inspection, and acceptance are carried out under the same standard light source, accurately correcting color deviations of goods, and ensuring that the quality of goods meets the requirements. Thereby improving product quality and market competitiveness.

Applicable scope:

Widely used in the field of color management in various industries such as textiles, toys, printing and dyeing, plastics, paints, inks, printing, pigments, chemicals, ceramics, footwear, leather, hardware, food, cosmetics, etc.

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