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Selection of DC high-voltage generator

2024-03-12 15:57

DC high-voltage generators are widely used in the power testing departments of power departments, industrial and mining, metallurgy, steel and other enterprises. Conduct DC high-voltage tests on high-voltage electrical equipment such as zinc oxide lightning arresters, power cables, transformers, and generators. It is an important equipment for high-voltage testing, and its selection and use should follow the following principles:

1. Requirements for manufacturers during selection

-The product should pass the type test

-The product should pass the grid access evaluation organized by the relevant provincial electric power testing and research institute. Provinces that have not undergone the evaluation can participate in the evaluation results of other provinces

-Products should have enterprise standards, which should not be lower than industry standards

-Should be a manufacturer of DC high-voltage power supplies, equipped with complete process equipment, inspection equipment, and corresponding engineering and technical personnel, production personnel

-Having a comprehensive after-sales service guarantee system, as reflected in the agreement, enterprises must have a certain production scale

2. Technical requirements to be proposed during ordering

-DC high-voltage generators should be designed and produced using intermediate frequency modulation technology, and the use of step-up DC high-voltage generators with power frequency transformers should be prohibited.

-The DC high-voltage generator should have complete technical measures for moisture-proof and shockproof.

-The DC high-voltage generator should adopt advanced electromagnetic compatibility design, and the entire machine should be able to withstand on-site ground discharge shocks.

-The DC high-voltage generator should have the function of measuring the automatic voltage adjustment of 75% for zinc oxide lightning arresters

-The DC high-voltage generator should have automatic protection devices for overvoltage and overcurrent. When abnormal working conditions occur, the automatic protection device should automatically shut down the DC high-voltage generator.

-The high voltage terminal ammeter of the DC high voltage generator should have measures and capabilities to resist electromagnetic interference, forward and reverse impacts, and the measurement uncertainty should not exceed 1.0%

-The display screen should have backlight display, which is clear and easy to distinguish within the scope of use, and meets the needs of on-site use

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