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Selection guide for ultraviolet radiation meters

2024-03-12 15:58

The ultraviolet radiation meter is a broadband power measurement instrument mainly used to measure the radiation energy power density of ultraviolet radiation, that is, the radiation energy power per square centimeter.

Selection guide:

1. How to choose different UV radiation meters?

a) Firstly, confirm the type of UV light source to be measured. Different types of UV light sources require different instruments for measurement. Mainly the wavelength range and intensity of ultraviolet light sources.

b) Looking at the wavelength range of ultraviolet light sources, such as ultraviolet radiation in the UVA band, using a UVC band ultraviolet irradiance meter for measurement is definitely not accurate. If hospitals use ultraviolet sterilization lamps for measurement, they must use UV radiation meters in the UVC band.

c) Looking at the intensity range of the ultraviolet light source, different ultraviolet radiation meters have different range ranges.

2. Do all UV bands have bactericidal effects?

Answer: No, it's not. Only ultraviolet rays in the UVC band have bactericidal effects, and the main wavelength of medical ultraviolet sterilization lamps is 253.7nm. If it is a UV lamp in the UVA band, it has no bactericidal effect at all.

3. What are the qualified standards for medical ultraviolet lamps?

Answer: For a 30W straight tube ultraviolet lamp, there are the following national standards: the instrument is placed at a vertical 1m below the ultraviolet lamp tube for measurement, and the irradiation intensity of the ultraviolet lamp during use must be greater than 70uW/cm2 to be qualified.

Different wattage ultraviolet lamps have different testing standards in the country.

4. Why does measuring UV intensity with instruments not meet the standard, but using UV test strips can change color?

Answer: The discoloration of UV test strips is closely related to the distance and duration of exposure. As long as the test paper is exposed to UVC, it will change color, but it is only a matter of color depth. Whether the intensity of the UV lamp meets the standard can only be qualitatively determined, and it is very difficult to quantitatively confirm.

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