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Selection of X-ray spectrometer

2024-03-12 15:56

The construction principle of an X-ray spectrometer is basically the same as that of an X-ray fluorescence spectrometer, except that electrons are used instead of X-rays as the excitation source.

The characteristic of X-ray spectrometer is high resolution, usually 5-10eV, and it can operate at room temperature, so the analysis accuracy is high and the detection limit is low.

Selection of X-ray spectrometer:

1. Basic requirements

Equipped with qualitative, quantitative, and standard free analysis software, as well as optional RoHS harmful element analysis software, multi-layer film software, oil specific semi quantitative and quantitative software, and including the following functions: fully automatic installation and calibration system; Real time and dynamic graphical display of spectrometer and sampler status;

2. Qualitative analysis software

Capable of displaying sample spectra with high resolution, with automatic background subtraction and smoothing, automatic peak finding, and element recognition functions;

3. Quantitative analysis software

Automatic navigation with analytical curves; The intelligent system of the software provides conditions for measuring parameters; Automatic correction of spectral line overlap interference; Capable of matrix correction functions such as empirical coefficient method, fixed theoretical Alpha coefficient method, and variable theoretical Alpha coefficient method; Flexible input of sample preparation parameters and any available chemical information; If the analysis result exceeds the warning line, it will automatically display and alarm functions;

4. Standard free quantitative analysis software

Automatic quantitative analysis can be performed on completely unknown samples without a standard curve, using either scanning mode for standard free analysis or peak/back ratio measurement mode.

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