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How to choose a thermal expansion meter?

2024-03-12 15:55

A thermal dilatometer (DIL) is an instrument that measures the relationship between sample size changes and temperature when the temperature is controlled by the program and the load force is close to zero. It can measure various types of samples such as solids, molten metals, powders, coatings, etc., and is widely used in fields such as inorganic ceramics, metal materials, plastic polymers, building materials, coating materials, refractory materials, composite materials, etc.

Selection guide:

1. Select the appropriate instrument type based on the characteristics of the sample and the purpose of the experiment. For high-precision measurement of thermal expansion of materials with low expansion (such as 10-7/K) within a limited temperature range (such as tens of degrees), a top rod thermal expansion instrument is not suitable. A non-contact interferometric thermal expansion instrument should be used, and a step isothermal heating method should be used. Research on the inapplicability of optical interferometric dilatometer to the sintering process of materials

2. It depends on whether there are many users of this model in the market, and ask the manufacturer for more customer contact information, especially the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, China Agricultural University and other high-level research units, to contact the use of this instrument

3. Check online if there are any technical articles published using this model of instrument, especially if there are articles published abroad that represent the technical content of an instrument

4. You can have detailed communication with the technical personnel of the manufacturer to see if they have relevant professional knowledge.

5. Choosing a large-scale production enterprise or seller with good after-sales service is beneficial for future mechanical maintenance and repair.

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