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Elements of purchasing a balancing machine

2024-03-11 14:58

A balancing machine is an instrument used to measure rotor imbalance. It belongs to a hard supported balancing machine with a high swing stiffness. The measurement results of a dynamic balancing machine are used to correct the imbalance of the rotor, reducing the vibration generated during rotor rotation or acting on bearings to an allowable range, in order to reduce vibration, improve performance, and improve product quality.

More and more workpieces on the market require dynamic balancing, but when choosing a balancing machine, facing a large number of manufacturers, vastly different balancing machine prices, and different services, I believe everyone will be confused and confused. Moreover, due to insufficient understanding of balancing machines and unclear differences between different balancing machines, blindly following the manufacturer's instructions may lead to purchasing balancing machine equipment that is not actually suitable for oneself.

When choosing a balancing machine, it is very important to consider quality issues, which is why it is necessary to list the three major factors that affect the accuracy of the balancing machine.

The three major factors that affect the accuracy of the balancing machine:

1. The connection method between the workpiece and the balancing machine;

2. Low speed and high speed: A balancing machine with soft support must have a speed that is more than three times the resonance speed in order to detect (the higher the speed, the higher the weight loss rate), so higher speeds are generally used. A hard supported balancing machine must operate at a speed of less than three times the resonant speed, so lower speeds are generally used (especially for heavy-duty transmission shafts);

3. Factors affecting weight loss rate: If the weight loss rate of the balancing machine is relatively high, it can be balanced with fewer rotations, greatly improving work efficiency and making the balancing process of the workpiece more convenient and efficient.

Of course, in addition to quality issues, when choosing a balancing machine, we also need to take into account economic considerations and not blindly choose high priced products.

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