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Selection tips for nitrogen dioxide detectors

2024-03-11 14:55

The nitrogen dioxide detector is an inherently safe device that continuously detects the concentration of nitrogen dioxide gas, and can detect the concentration value of nitrogen dioxide gas.

Application location:

Medical research, school research, pharmaceutical production workshops, tobacco companies, environmental testing, building construction, fire alarm, sewage treatment, petroleum and petrochemical, chemical plants, smelters, steel plants, coal plants, thermal power plants, boiler rooms, gas stations, garbage treatment plants, tunnel construction, oil pipelines, aerospace, industrial gas process control, indoor air quality testing, underground gas pipeline maintenance, and safety protection in hazardous areas.

The selection tips for it can refer to the following points

1. Compact in appearance, sturdy and durable

2. Adjustable operation time, convenient to use

3. Sound, light, and vibration alarms, displayed on a large screen

4. Data recorder quality

5. Advanced sensor technology

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