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Purchase of drop testing machine

2024-03-08 14:59

When choosing a drop testing machine, attention should be paid to:

1、 What kind of testing does the company need for a drop testing machine

The drop testing machine is used to test the damage to product packaging caused by falling, and to evaluate the impact strength during transportation and handling. In some manufacturers that produce toys, electronics, appliances, communication, IT, furniture, gifts, ceramics, packaging, etc., they conduct drop testing on finished products or components. A good drop testing machine can make accurate judgments on the impact strength or damage caused by the drop, whether it falls naked (without packaging) or in packaging (both the finished product and the outer packaging fall together). Firstly, it is necessary to confirm which aspects of testing the company needs to conduct when purchasing a drop testing machine, and then seek a drop testing machine that is suitable for your own enterprise according to your needs

2、 When purchasing a drop testing machine, the following precautions should be taken:

1. Priority should be given to professional manufacturers of testing instruments, with the advantages of timely delivery, timely maintenance, and reasonable charging of repair fees. The disadvantage is that payment is relatively strict, and the vast majority of shipments are only accepted after payment is received. This involves how to determine whether a manufacturer is the true manufacturer, which is effective through on-site inspection, whether there are production and processing equipment in the factory area, and whether the transmission of measurement values can be traced back to relevant national metrology departments; Another way is to check relevant corporate documents, such as business licenses, tax registration certificates, etc.

2. When there is no suitable manufacturer, it is necessary to find a distributor for procurement. During the procurement process, one should not blindly seek convenience and fully entrust the distributor to purchase a complete set of testing equipment. Doing so will cause inconvenience and expensive repair costs for future repairs.

3. Don't blindly pursue well-known brands. We should consider the actual situation of our company and purchase high-precision instruments with less money. Finding suitable testing instruments for one's own enterprise not only saves procurement costs, but also indirectly promotes the development of the testing instrument industry. Only with competition in the market can products continuously innovate and improve, thereby promoting the continuous development of the testing instrument industry.

4. Based on how to distinguish high-quality testing instruments, compare them with three different suppliers before determining how to further purchase.

a. The height range of the drop test machine should be between 300mm and 1500mm

b. The height setting range is less than or equal to 2% of the set value

c. The load capacity should reach 100 kilograms

d. The error of the drop angle is less than or equal to 5 °

e. Motor power 1/2HP

Select the zero drop test for packaging components (drop from the lower height of edges, surfaces, and corners), with the drop height starting from zero. In the dual column direction, hydraulic buffering and drop height should be adjustable.

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