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Selection of horizontal tensile testing machines

2024-03-08 14:59

The horizontal tensile testing machine adopts mature testing machine technology, adds a steel frame structure, and transforms the vertical test into a horizontal test, thereby increasing the tensile space (which can be increased to more than 20 meters, which cannot be achieved in vertical tests). Satisfied the testing of large and full-size specimens. The space of a horizontal tensile testing machine is beyond that of a vertical tensile testing machine.

This testing machine is mainly used for static tensile performance testing of materials and components. Can be used for stretching various metal materials, steel cables, chains, lifting belts, etc., widely used in metal products, building structures, ships, military and other fields.

1、 Firstly, consider the range of experimental tensile strength of the test material (refer to national standards, which may have requirements for experimental strength. Alternatively, provide the sample size and ask the testing machine manufacturer for help in calculating, do not blindly estimate, or use the testing machine model as the standard)

2、 Issues with the experimental schedule

3、 How about the basic configuration

4、 Output result effect, such as digital display or screen display

5、 Types of experimental projects that can be conducted

6、 The accuracy of measurement and fully automatic accuracy is generally higher than that of ordinary digital display testing machines

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