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Selection of X-ray fluorescence spectrometer

2024-03-11 15:00

X-ray fluorescence spectrometer has the characteristics of good reproducibility, fast measurement speed, and high sensitivity. Can analyze all elements between B (5) and U (92). The samples can be solid, powder, molten sheet, liquid, etc. The analysis object is suitable for samples in industries such as steelmaking, non-ferrous metals, cement, ceramics, petroleum, glass, etc. The non-standard semi quantitative method can qualitatively analyze samples of various shapes and provide semi quantitative results. The accuracy of the results can approach the quantitative level for certain samples, and the analysis time is short. The film analysis software FP-MULT1 can perform coating analysis and film analysis. The required size for measuring the sample is 51mm in diameter and 40mm in height.

Early desktop fluorescence spectrometers used liquid nitrogen (LN) as a cooling detector for Si (Li) LN, which consumed liquid nitrogen each time and was inconvenient. After the emergence of the electrically cooled silicon drift detector SiPIN, it became the mainstream of side RoHS spectrometer detectors. The sensitivity of liquid nitrogen refrigeration is relatively easy to meet the requirements, and the cost is slightly lower than that of electric refrigeration, so some brands still have liquid nitrogen. But the existing electroluminescent models can meet RoHS requirements, and some brands use Si (Li) PCD electroluminescent detectors that almost reach the ppb level. In fact, X-ray fluorescence spectrometers existed long before the existence of RoHS, and the requirements for measuring RoHS were relatively low, so they came in handy.

The sensitivity of the above two detectors for detecting light elements is not ideal (so the NITON portable fluorescence spectrometer in the United States cannot measure light elements such as aluminum). The emergence of SDD electric cooling detectors has improved sensitivity to light metal elements and can also detect non-metallic elements such as silicon, but the price is relatively much higher.

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