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Selection guide for automatic titrators

2024-03-07 16:41

Automatic titrator is a laboratory titration instrument with high analytical accuracy, with comprehensive and powerful functions, which can be applied in fields such as food, drug testing, disease control, inspection, commercial inspection, water treatment, petroleum, chemical, marine, power, environmental protection, new energy, teaching, scientific research, etc.

Selection guide for automatic titrator:

1、 Easy to set when using

This issue is also a condition for users to choose an automatic titrator. As can be seen in the manual of some automatic titrators, many parameters need to be set according to the requirements before titration, which is quite cumbersome. This is something users are reluctant to do, but fortunately, there is a template function to make up for this deficiency. Due to the development and widespread use of computer technology, automatic titrators can automatically complete the entire titration process after the operator provides a small amount of dialogue information, while providing the operator with as much information as possible (measurement results, real-time graphs, intermediate process data, etc.).

2、 Can users have the right to correct the accuracy of burette sending in automatic titrators

The volume of the early digital automatic burette was determined by a comprehensive calculation based on the volume displayed on the display, the number of pulses required for the stepper motor to rotate one cycle, the pitch size of the screw, and the diameter size of the syringe, and was precision processed and combined. The product has high accuracy in the early stages of use, but as the usage time increases, due to mechanical wear and other reasons, the system error becomes larger and larger, which users are powerless to handle.

Since the intervention of computers, especially microcontrollers, this problem has been well solved. In some automatic titrators, users can correct and modify the titration coefficient in the instrument by sending a quantitative amount of distilled water and weighing it with an electronic balance, so that the titration accuracy of the burette can be guaranteed.

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