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Key points for purchasing ozone detectors

2024-03-07 16:10

When it comes to choosing an ozone detector, it is necessary to know the evaluation indicators of the ozone generator. The basic indicators for evaluating an ozone generator are: ozone production, ozone concentration, reliability, service life, ease of operation and aesthetics, power consumption, etc. The power of ozone generators used in pharmaceutical factories is relatively small, and electricity consumption is a secondary condition.

1. Choose legitimate and reputable products with a well-known brand reputation

Ozone machines are first listed as disinfection equipment in China, and the production and manufacturing of such products have strict production licensing requirements. Such products without a production license are not allowed to be produced, let alone sold. The product must undergo testing by relevant government departments and meet the specified technical indicators before it can be produced and sold. For example, testing the pesticide removal rate for detoxification of fruits and vegetables, and testing the bacterial content in air purification. Without corresponding reports in this regard, there is no basis for quality and service assurance.

2. Understand the technical characteristics and performance of the product

There are two types of household ozone detectors: single function and multifunctional. Single function can only be used in specific situations, such as vegetable detoxification cleaning machines, which can only be used for cleaning fruits, vegetables, and meat; Ozone air purifiers are only used for disinfection and purification of indoor air. Multi functionality can be used in various situations, from water treatment to air purification. Ozone machines are composed of several main components, and timers are essential components. Some adopt electronic timing, while others adopt mechanical timing.

Ozone production, export concentration, noise, etc. are all performance indicators for evaluating household ozone machines using wire torsion testing machines. Generally, high concentrations are required for sterilization and disinfection in water, while low concentrations are used for air disinfection.

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