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Selection Guide for Theodolites

2024-03-07 16:05

Selection guide for theodolites:

1、 Look at the brand:

Generally, the total station used in engineering is mainly a 2-second mid-range instrument. It is recommended to import brands such as Pentax, Nikon, Reinard, Suojia, Topcon, and Tianbao, all of which have engineering instruments priced between 30000 and 50000 yuan. The cost-effectiveness is very high, and the measurement software is relatively rich. Most of them have prism free functions and are suitable for applications in roads, bridges, municipal construction, and other engineering projects.

2、 Judging by strength:

The strength referred to not only depends on brand strength, but also on the strength of distributors, because there are more domestic surveying and mapping instruments nowadays. Some small brands and manufacturers, regardless of whether you have certain abilities, will make you sell in order to achieve sales performance. At present, there are some dealers in the Anqing market who have not been engaged in the surveying and mapping industry before. They rent a small storefront and purchase instruments (some dealers only have a few miscellaneous level and theodolite instruments, and do not have a total station GPS) and start selling them in the market. No technical support, no after-sales service.

When purchasing instruments from physical distributors, pay attention to:

1. Does the distributor have an authorization certificate from the manufacturer;

2. Do you have the ability to provide after-sales service, such as instrument calibration tables and other equipment;

3. Does the dealer have dedicated sales personnel to regularly contact and track services;

4. What is the size of the physical dealership and what instruments are available.

3、 Check the price:

There are many brands and types of products in the market, as the saying goes: cheap goods are not good. We all hope to buy things with less money, and the same products have prices that differ several times due to different brands. For example, a simple level, some on the market only require over 500 yuan, while others require over 1000 yuan. The instruments all look similar, where is the difference?

1. Low priced instruments are usually made of recycled plastic on the host casing. When users open a new instrument box, they will find a pungent smell;

2. Instrument accuracy: Generally, a third class level is used in engineering, and cheap instruments are prone to errors in bubbles and I-angles after a period of use;

3. The internal structure, which is not easy for users to notice, mainly consists of compensators and zoom lenses.

If you want to buy a suitable and reliable product, you can choose from the above points. After purchasing the instrument, it should also be regularly maintained and inspected during use. Generally, dealers with good strength will have dedicated personnel to regularly visit and remind you of maintenance, which is conducive to extending the service life of the instrument.

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