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Selection Guide for Peptide Synthesizer

2024-03-07 16:09

Selection guide:

1. Factors to consider when selecting research institutions

a) The assistance of the equipment itself in experimental research

① For peptide synthesis chemical reactions, the use of equipment can avoid harm to the human body from manual operation (reagent corrosion)

② Due to programmatic settings, the adequacy of each coupling reaction step and the overall stability of the experiment can be ensured

③ Can synthesize difficult peptides and ultra long peptides (manufacturers need to provide testing reports on their use of research-based peptide synthesizers to synthesize peptides)

④ Continuous synthesis work during rest time

The research-oriented peptide synthesizer needs to meet the requirement of adding more than 20 circulating amino acids. At night and on weekends, pre prepared protective amino acids can automatically couple and replace new positions according to the program settings, ensuring the efficiency of the experiment and achieving full automation.

⑤ Even though the experiment has been conducted for many years and many researchers have been replaced, the experimental data can still be saved in the computer.

b) Effective research results conducted by international and domestic researchers using this peptide synthesizer

The manufacturer of the peptide synthesizer should provide multiple publicly published research papers. To provide research data and simulate the synthesis process for students conducting peptide synthesis experiments, allowing them to better experience the full process of mechanically operated peptide synthesis and test their own synthesis results.

c) The impact of patent protection for peptide synthesizer equipment on future research results

Considering the rigor of experimental research in higher education institutions, combined with the protection mechanism for later research and development results, the purchased equipment usually needs to have its international patent license to ensure the smooth application of experimental research projects.

d) Manufacturer's production scale

The brand, production scale, and production qualification certification of a manufacturer all indirectly reflect the quality, reputation, and service guarantee of their supplied equipment to customers.

e) Price

Research institutions mainly choose peptide synthesizers that are durable and have brand guarantees. However, it cannot be ruled out that some domestic manufacturers may falsely promote their brands. When choosing, it should be noted that the price of imported small equipment should be between 50000 and 100000 US dollars, and the price of domestic small equipment should be between 50000 and 100000 RMB. Research institutions can apply for tax exemption when purchasing imported equipment.

2. Factors to consider when selecting production enterprises

Referring to the considerations of selecting small equipment for scientific research institutions, for production-oriented enterprises, when using different brands of peptide synthesizers, it is often necessary to also consider their coherent and complete equipment production lines, with all kinds of equipment from small synthesis scale to production synthesis scale complete. Usually, the synthesis scale of large-scale equipment can be determined based on the size of the reactor. The glass material reactor/reactor that can be cut online needs to reach 100L, which can ensure the mass production of tens of kilograms of peptide products.

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