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Selection and purchase of wear-resistant testing machine

2024-03-07 16:12

When selecting a wear-resistant testing machine, it should be based on the material of the test product and pay attention to the corresponding technical parameters: load-bearing capacity, test stroke, test speed, counter, friction medium, etc.

1、 Performance

A testing machine is a high-precision and high standard testing instrument. When selecting, attention should be paid to the performance of the testing machine. High quality performance can ensure its long service life, meet its usage needs, and achieve ideal usage standards.

2、 Brand

When choosing a testing machine, you can pay attention to the brand, because to a certain extent, the brand is the guarantee and embodiment of equipment quality. If you don't know how to choose a testing machine, you can choose equipment from a better brand.

3、 Word of mouth

The market is a way to test the quality of equipment, and the frequent use of products among peers indicates that the equipment is good and can meet people's usage needs. However, the opposite indicates that the device has a poor reputation. Therefore, when choosing equipment, attention should also be paid to word-of-mouth issues.

4、 Price

Generally, price is a factor that users consider when making purchases. However, in reality, the selection of testing machines should not only be based on price, but also on factors such as operating costs. Only by comprehensively considering the selection can a suitable testing machine be selected.

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