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Selection of Atomic Emission Spectrometer

2024-03-07 16:40

Atomic emission spectrometers are widely used in casting, steel, metal recovery and smelting, as well as military, aerospace, power, chemical, higher education institutions, commercial inspection, quality inspection and other departments.

According to the properties of the analyzed substance and the requirements of the task, the selection of light sources should consider the following aspects:

(1) Analyze the properties of elements. Volatile and ionizable elements such as alkali metals can be used with flame light sources; Spark light sources can be used for difficult to excite elements, and arc light sources can be used for difficult to evaporate elements.

(2) Analyze the content of elements. Low content elements require a lower detection limit, and arc light sources are generally used; High content elements require high accuracy and often use spark light sources.

(3) The shape and properties of the sample. Some block shaped metal and alloy specimens can use both arc and spark light sources; Some powder samples with poor conductivity generally use an arc light source; ICP light source is commonly used for solution samples.

(4) Analyze the nature of the task. Qualitative analysis generally uses arc light sources, especially DC arc light sources; Quantitative analysis generally uses AC arc or spark light sources, but DC arc light sources are used for determining trace elements.

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