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Guidelines for purchasing drum scraper dryers

2024-02-29 13:04

The drum scraper dryer can be divided into two forms: single drum and double drum dryers; In addition, it can also be divided into two forms according to the operating pressure: normal pressure and reduced pressure.

Purchasing Guide:

Single drum dryer: used for drying materials with solution or slurry like floating liquid. The film distribution method is often immersion or splashing. The cylinder body is welded with cast iron or steel plate. The inlet and outlet of the heating medium inside the cylinder adopt a packing box sealed inlet head structure. The condensate inside the cylinder is continuously discharged from the cylinder using a siphon and utilizing the pressure difference between the steam inside the cylinder and the drain valve.

Double drum dryer: Using the same set of deceleration transmission device, two sets of drums with the same diameter rotate relative to each other through a pair of gears with the same module and number of teeth meshing. According to the different positions of the film, it can be divided into two types: rolling type and slot type.

Multi tube dryer: used for drying strip materials. The way of feeding and discharging is completely different from the drying of liquid phase materials. The drying of strip materials requires not only controlling the moisture content, but also controlling changes in the shape. Therefore, rolling bearings are used on the drum to reduce resistance.

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