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Key points for purchasing vortex flow meters

2024-02-28 14:36

Understanding these points when purchasing a vortex flowmeter can help you find a suitable solution in a short amount of time and at minimal cost. Vortex flow meters are widely used in various industries, and many users have spent a lot of money but have not purchased the one suitable for them, which not only wastes money but also time. The following will discuss the key points that need to be provided when selecting a vortex flowmeter.

1. Medium temperature. A temperature of around 300 ° C is considered a critical value, and even higher temperatures may require high-temperature resistant and piezoelectric vortex streets.

2. The pressure of the medium mainly applies to gases and vapors.

3. Medium: low flow rate, commonly used flow rate, high flow rate.

4. The corrosiveness of the medium.

5. Continuous or intermittent pipeline operation.

6. The ambient temperature for instrument installation.

7. Is there any high-power equipment around the instrument.

8. Problem with the routing of the instrument power cord. The business manager will also communicate with clients about other issues, such as:

1. Instrument power supply mode selection (battery powered, 24V, 220V).

2. Instrument signal output: 4-20mA, pulse output.

3. Instrument display mode (with or without display).

4. Instrument accuracy level (1.5 level, 1 level).

5. When designing a steam flow meter, it is necessary to consider whether the flow range is within the instrument range, and pay attention to the impact of small flow rates on the meter's measurement. Finally, determine the appropriate diameter of the flow meter.

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