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Electromagnetic flowmeter protection level

2024-02-28 14:33

With the continuous improvement of automation level in various industries, electromagnetic flow meters are widely used for flow measurement of various conductive liquids and play an important role in automatic control systems. At the same time, more and more problems have arisen in its installation, use, and maintenance. Accurately diagnosing faults in flow meters is the key to ensuring smooth production operation.

Electromagnetic flow meters are widely used in industrial sectors such as petroleum, chemical, metallurgical, textile, papermaking, food, as well as municipal management, water conservancy construction, river dredging, and other fields for flow measurement. In general, the protection level of an integrated electromagnetic flowmeter is IP65. According to the national standard GB4208-84 and the International Electrotechnical Commission standard IEC529-76, the standards for the protection level of electrical product casings are:

1. IP65: For anti water spray type, the sensor housing of the electromagnetic flow meter allows the faucet to spray water from any direction of the sensor of the electromagnetic flow meter. The spray pressure is 30Kpa, the water output is 12.5L/s, and the distance is 3 meters.

2. IP68: For submersible type - suitable for long-term operation in water or underground under certain pressure. At this time, the sensor and display part of the electromagnetic flowmeter are separated, and a component type electromagnetic flowmeter should be made, but the protection level requirements of the electromagnetic flowmeter must be emphasized.

In general, the protection level should be selected according to the actual situation. When sensors are required to be installed below the ground and are frequently flooded, IP68 should be selected. When sensors are installed above the ground, IP65 should be selected. Under any circumstances, the display part of the electromagnetic flowmeter cannot be used or entered into water, as this can cause damage to the electromagnetic flowmeter.

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